About Us


Our Vision

To be a reliable General Contractor Firm for Building Construction, Interior Decoration and Civil Engineering projects in Singapore and in the region.

Our Mission

To provide quality services with total commitment to our Customers, delivering quality works that meet our Customers’ requirements and deadlines, ensuring health and safety and environmental protection on site.

Company History & policy


LKP Projects Pte Ltd was established in 2009. Since then, the core business of our company is to undertake Design & Build projects as main contractor for building construction, interior decoration and civil engineering works. Currently, our Customers are mainly private owners of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Our company has capable project management teams, dedicated technical designers and supportive suppliers and sub-contractors, delivering quality and timely works that meet our Customers’ specified requirements and deadlines.

Company Achievements

Our company have completed addition and alteration and reconstruction works for landed properties, e.g. a Good Class Bungalow with swimming pool next to Botanic Gardens, a terrace house and a Bungalow with swimming pool at Hillview Estate, and an apartment at Emerald Hill Estate; for industrial properties, eg two wooden palette storage metal sheds and a large diesel storage shed; and the interior decoration works for the bungalow. We have also completed civil and steel works and wash plants at SMRT Bishan Depot, and inspection pits at Vicom vehicle inspection centres.

Expansion Plan

Moving forward, the company intends to build on the strength of design and construction of private and industrial properties and their interior decoration, and civil engineering works, and to improve its services in these sectors. It has also upgraded its tendering capacity to C2 in the BCA work heads of CW01 and CW02, and L3 in CR06. It will participate in open tenders for public projects and is confident in securing and undertaking challenging projects in the next financial year. This year 2014, the company also plans to participate in the BCA Green and Gracious Award certification.

Publicity & Branding


The company advertises in the directories:

1) The Contractor’s Directory;
2) BCA Directory;
3) BCA Catalogue;
4) Singapore Source Book for Architects,
Designers and Building Contractors;
5) www.Asiabuilders.com

To improve the branding of the company, it created its logo in 2012. In the logo of the company, i.e. ‘LKP’, ‘K’ signifies the company’s knowhow in construction, ‘L’ the leverage to optimize the multi-skills of the staff, and the resources from the suppliers and sub-contractors, and ‘P’ the progress in continual improvement in the core competencies of the company. The red square is the core competency of the company. The four blue squares are multi-skills to be leveraged. They are larger meaning the progress of the company. The proportions of the letters and squares follow the golden ratio of 0.618 of Mr Fibonacci, the 13th century Italian Mathematician.
The company is currently working on its website and face book to improve its corporate image and to better engage its current and potential customers through the information technology.